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Interview Coaching

Our in-person and online interview coaching and mock interview sessions have helped hundreds of applicants prepare for interviews at:

  • Memorial University Medical School
  • Dalhousie Medical School
  • University of Toronto Medical School
  • Northern Ontario School of Medicine
  • McGill Dental School
  • University of Calgary
  • Ontario Veterinary College
  • University of Alberta
  • Many other schools across Canada and as far away as Poland, Ireland, and the Caribbean.

Besides medical school interview coaching and coaching for school interviews in dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary and other disciplines, we have also helped job applicants prepare for exciting opportunities in:

  • Police interviews
  • Firefighter interviews
  • Executive interviews
  • Engineering interviews
  • Consultant interviews
  • Airline pilot interviews.

Our online interview coaching sessions can be accessed around the world.

Professional, Caring Coaching for Interviews, Including:

Coaching for CASPer interviews

Yes, we have experience and successes offering detailed coaching for CASPer interviews!

It is often said that “you cannot study for a CASPer interview.” While it is true that you cannot know the questions you will get, the CASPer format calls on specific skillsets that can indeed be practiced and honed.

Some of our clients had struggled and were unsuccessful in previous attempts, but found their next CASPer interview to be much less stressful after the coaching, and were successful in entering their program.

We look forward to helping you with our expert CASPer interview coaching!

Preparation for online interviews

Covid changed pretty much everything. Even though many things have returned to “normal,” many medical school interviews and other candidate assessment processes are still held online. These are often in a video chat but are sometimes given in an asynchronous interview format, or Unsupervised Interview Test, where there is no actual connection with a real person at all. 

How do you prepare for each? Can a mock interview really help? Are there new skills? In what areas should you shift your attention as you get ready for your interview?

We were helping students prepare for online interviews years before Covid made it an essential skill. You will receive detailed input on:

  • Microphone positioning to ensure better sound
  • How to compensate for the lack of personal contact
  • Camera positioning
  • Body language and posture
  • Proper choice of attire
  • Strategic selection of your background
  • Medical School interviews
  • Dental School interviews
  • Pharmacy School interviews
  • Physiotherapy School interviews
  • Veterinary School interviews
  • Firefighter School interviews
  • Police School interviews
  • CASPer Interviews
  • Residency Interviews
  • Tech Coding/Whiteboard interviews
  • Executive Hires
  • Job Interviews
  • UIT & Online Interviews
  • Other schools and opportunities

Your interview could be one of the best days of your life, or one that you will always look back on and wonder “What went wrong?”

When you need medical school interview coaching or help preparing for an important career interview, we will take you through a detailed, step-by-step interview preparation course, delivering coaching and insights to help make your big day, the day that opened the door to your new career!

5 hours of 1-on-1 coaching.
Video mock interviews with detailed feedback.

5 hours of 1-on-1 coaching.

Our online interview coaching is done in a series of four 75-minute sessions. Our in-person coaching has two one-hour sessions and one three-hour session. That’s time to get you ready for key questions and situations. We focus on helping you walk into your interview with confidence you never knew you could have.

No memorizing. Just real preparation.

What is the surprising most important question? What two elements should you consider in every answer? What if you just go blank? What is your “fire escape”? We help you get ready for any situation.

Video mock interview with detailed feedback.

Detailed reviews of your speech patterns, mannerisms, posture, and body language. Those elements say so much more than most people ever realize… until they see it for themselves.

Anxiety? Panic Attacks? Talk to us.

We are not psychologists, but we have helped many clients who struggle with anxiety and panic attacks reduce their stress as they prepared for the interview that could change their lives.

MMI? Role-playing? Puzzles? Groups? Traditional? Be ready.

We prepare you for the interview formats and question types you are most likely to face.

Multiple-Mini Interview (MMI)

The Multiple-Mini Interview (MMI) format is now widely used by schools and institutions. The format allows applicants to be tested in a range of skills and situations while reducing the level of fatigue that can come from a single extended interview.

The MMI format may see you moving through a series of eight or ten interviews, often in adjoining rooms. Each room or station will often have the question taped on the wall outside the door. You have two or three minutes to consider your answer, and will then be ushered in to give your answer and address any follow-up questions, in a session that will generally run about seven or eight minutes.

Expect the unexpected.

Schools have become quite inventive in the formats, regularly changing things around to see how candidates perform in a range of environments. You may be asked questions about your past experience, or how to handle a challenging or ethical situation. You may be given a puzzle to solve while answering an unrelated question. You might be asked to role-play in a scenario that may or may not be in a setting related to the field you are in. Or you could be part of a group discussion where you need to balance being assertive and being heard with being cooperative and a team player.

You are typically given details of your interview format beforehand, but there can be changes. Our focus is to take you through a full range of possible formats so you are comfortable in any setting. That extra confidence allows you to focus on your most strategic responses, without the distraction of wondering “am I doing this right?” In a competition where small differences can play a pivotal role in whether or not an applicant is accepted, that added confidence can make all the difference.

“Thank you so much for your help, it is definitely part of the reason I am here.”

“Interview coaching with Lorne for my MUN interview was an asset. Lorne was knowledge and provided both tips and confidence. I would recommend working with him to others!”

Medical School

“I GOT INNNNNNNNN!!!! Thank you again for everything. The coaching was worth every penny and more.
It made a world of difference… and it’s definitely what put me ahead this year. There are a lot of people that I felt were stronger candidates than me who didn’t get in this time around, so I must have had a huge improvement in my interview scores.
I stand by what I said before, that you get most of the credit for me getting in haha.
Getting an acceptance letter is truly life changing, and I owe that to you. So for the thousandth time, thank you.”

Erin Baker
Medical School

“Lorne’s coaching helped tremendously with my interview preparation and I’m very grateful for his expertise and guidance. His approach was very tailored to my specific strengths and weaknesses as a candidate. I believe my coaching sessions with Lorne were instrumental in my successful medical school application.”

Medical School

“I went to Lorne for interview coaching for medical school. These sessions far exceeded my expectations! Lorne was very thoughtful, intuitive, and encouraging. He really took the time to get to know me in order to help me approach all questions in a way that reflected my personality.
He doesn’t tell you how to answer questions, but instead, he helps you feel confident answering questions on your own. I learned a lot about myself during this training and it definitely played a huge role in my acceptance to medical school! It is definitely worth it and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to improve their interview skills.”

Hilary Turpin
Medical School

“I chose to have interview coaching with Lorne after my previous interviews last year for genetic counselling programs were unsuccessful. Thanks to his help, this year I was accepted to 7 out of the 9 places I interviewed! He was extremely intuitive in pointing out things for me to improve on, and gave me the confidence I needed to succeed.

I really appreciated his supportive approach to coaching and how he made me feel comfortable in a normally nerve-wracking environment. I know that his advice will continue to benefit me in the future!”

Brittany Gillies
Genetic Counselling School

“Lorne was extremely helpful to me in preparing for med school interviews. His expertise in interview preparation enabled me to fine tune my interview skills for a variety of questions asked. I would highly recommend Lorne.”

Julian Edwards
Medical School

“Lorne was a fantastic help for me in securing two offers from two different Canadian medical schools. He offered very thoughtful advice throughout our sessions and I’m very confident his help was a key part of my success in my interviews.”

Nina Thomson
Medical School

“Sorry for not e-mailing after my Western interview, but it went great. It was more of a conversation style interview that I felt super comfortable in thanks to your help! It went so well that THEY ACCEPTED me into the DDS program for September!
So excited and I cannot thank you enough for your guidance.
Thanks again for everything.”

Bridgette Green
Dental School

“Prior to seeing Lorne Pike, I had done a few practice interviews. Despite this, I lacked confidence and felt unprepared for my upcoming interview.
My sessions with Lorne Pike changed all of that. He empowered me to present myself in the best way possible. His ability to analyze and give constructive feedback is second to none. Lorne understands what the interviewers are looking for and will ensure you use your personality, skills, and experiences to your advantage.
I would highly recommend Lorne Pike’s services to anyone preparing for a medical school interview.”

Mike Sloan
Medical School

“I’m happy to say that I was successful in the hiring process. I certainly appreciate you meeting with me…
I found it very helpful and I would certainly recommend you to anyone looking to improve on their interview skills…
Thanks again for everything.”

Firefighter School

“I got into medical school!!! Just wanted to extend a big thank you for your help in prepping me for the interview.
I really think it made a significant difference to be video taped and to hear all of your honest feedback.
Thanks so much!”

Martha Ennis
Medical School

“Interview coaching with Lorne was absolutely worth every penny. I had applied to dental school three years in a row, and when I was finally offered an interview, I decided to take every opportunity to succeed. He taught me the importance of critical thinking, and mentioned things that were extremely beneficial in the interview. Would highly recommend Lorne, the practice and preparation were excellent. Did I mention, I got in to dental school!! Thanks again :)”

Sierra Lovell
Dental School

A proven interview process.

Through over 500 interview coaching sessions, Lorne has handled countless questions, situations, and insights… allowing his clients to walk into their interviews with more confidence and control than they ever expected to have. 

Now it’s your turn. 

All clients receive five hours of one-on-one help.

Online coaching is done in a series of four 75-minute sessions, with interview scenarios and detailed assessments happening throughout.

In-person coaching is done in three sessions… The first and third are 60 minutes each while the middle session is an intense three hours of an interview scenario with detailed assessments of the video recordings. Check out the details for each:

In the first session, 

We detail your background and identify key points to present in your interview. Our clients are often shocked by how many relevant accomplishments we uncover that would likely have been missed or not brought out sufficiently. We discuss any previous interviews and what to learn from then, and start developing your unique strategies to best prepare for the coming interview. We also discuss any specific concerns you may have and how to address them. 

In the middle session(s), 

We feature “mock interviews” that we record on video and then review in detail. We highlight where you are doing well and where to focus efforts to improve. We cover actual interview formats, questions, and scenarios you are likely to encounter, but rather than tell you what to say, we help you create approaches and answers that are genuinely yours. 

See and hear your speech patterns, mannerisms, posture, and body language, and which points to address and which to bring out even more.

Plus, unlike other coaching sessions, you are given full access to your videos so you can review and even download them if you wish! 

In the final session,

We summarize the progress made and highlight any remaining areas for focus. We review the questions that are most important and go back over the ones that still might concern you most. 

An encouraging coach. You got this!

Lorne Pike is a communications consultant with over 30 years experience in guiding individuals and companies to a clearer, more effective way to communicate their unique strengths and offerings. Through his company Lorne Pike & Associates, he has been active in markets across North America, had one of his designs fly on the Space Shuttle, and stood elbow-to-elbow with a surgeon during brain surgery.

A member of the International Association of Facilitators, Lorne has offered Interview Coaching since 2011, helping clients prepare for life-changing interviews. He has been involved with business and technology associations in Newfoundland & Labrador, Georgia, New Jersey, and Silicon Valley. His affiliations include Rotary, Mensa, Big Brothers Big Sisters, local churches, and organizations working against domestic violence, along with various other groups making a positive contribution to their communities. He is a proponent of healthy living, an avid cyclist and hiker, and enjoys bouldering and wall climbing.

Lorne is known for his encouraging approach, humour, painstaking attention to detail, and ability to help clients relax and focus. Clients have often remarked their sessions improved their communications not only in an interview, but also in their professional and personal relationships.

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  • No memorized answers. You learn to “think in your seat.”
  • Five hours of detailed preparation and practice.
  • Video recording and reviews of your responses.

*Please note that In-Person Interview Coaching is only available at select times, primarily in St. John’s, NL, Saskatoon, SK, and Toronto, ON. Please let us know if you are considering In-Person coaching so we can ensure availability at a time suitable for you!

In-Person Interview Coaching

790 plus HST/GST

Online Interview Coaching

690 plus HST/GST

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